When is a DotDiver profitable for you?

If you ...

...are looking for a solution to automate the DotBlot method and want to increase the efficiency of the laboratory!

... want the autoimmune diagnostics in-house with a quick, meaningful and simple method!

... have  low level requirements for different parameters, because you can flexibly combine different assays and recieve the results of after one run.


Then the DotDiver is the right solution for you. The DotDiver offers a new possibility for the automatic processing of Immunodots. The system is incredibly simple: The immunodot strips are inserted into the machine, and places the ready-to-use reagent cartridges below the stripes in the cartridge holder. The strips are then moved by the robot arm and dived up to 2000 times per minute according to a predetermined protocol in the individual chambers of the cartridge.

To get a better idea of ​​the device, you can directly make an appointment for a demonstration or watch the movie about the DotDiver in our Media section.